On the edge about whether you need a Rugged Pack on your waist or not? Then take a look at some of the risk takers below, they weren't disappointed!

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I've never had a pack that was so heavy duty. This is an AWESOME DESIGN!!! ~ Scott Secor, Appleton, WI


I bought two for Christmas presents and now wish I had bought myself one!! ~ Suzanne, Ohio


I take mine when i go shopping. It's perfect. I can put my wallet, coupons, cellphone, etc., in the pack around my waist so I am hands free. No more sore shoulder from my purse strap or having to leave my purse in the cart possibly unattended. I love it! ~ Christi, Wisconsin

My T-Bo's Rugged Pack goes with me to the Farmer's Market every Saturday. It's perfect for carrying all my goodies! ~ Kathy, Minnesota


I bought a Rugged Pack for each of my 3 sons and they love them! Two of them are in the scouts and the other uses his for ice fishing. Anyone with boys, who play rough should get one of these packs. ~ Sherry, Michigan


It's Hunting season here in the Northwoods and my Rugged Pack is perfectly designed to keep my hands free yet hold all my gear. Love the camouflague design! ~ Scott V., Wisconsin